Surveillance and Investigations

Surveillance can be used to gather information as part of an investigation or can be an effective component part of a protective security plan. At DCL we offer the full spectrum of surveillance services; which include:

Counter Surveillance – Our CS team will provide you with a discreet non-intrusive plan designed to identify whether you are under surveillance from third parties. CS is best conducted while you continue to conduct your routine activity and is a useful tool for threat assessing and designing a bespoke protective security plan.

Protective Surveillance – Protective surveillance enables DCL to provide very discreet protective services to the client without the usual signature of a formed close protection team. At DCL we offer this service to enable you to protect your assets without constraining their freedom of movement.

Investigative surveillance – Unfortunately fraudulent personal injury claims and other types of fraud are becoming a risk to business operations worldwide and the impact can be wider than an increased insurance premium. At DCL we use lawful and professional surveillance techniques; adhering to RIPA (2000) and other relevant compliances; to provide you with high quality evidence to counter claims against your business. A short-term investment in our services may save you significant costs and demonstrate that your organisation will investigate claims against the Company.

We will ensure relevant surveillance evidence is correctly prepared for disclosure to the Plaintiff’s legal representation and our surveillance operators are ready to represent the investigation in Court.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures – Due to the introduction of new legislation, all projects relating to TSCM will need several weeks advanced warning in order to obtain the correct legal license.