Security Services

We provide a broad range of services to enhance your security, including physical protection, procedures and processes. Our services include:

  • Executive protection – we specialise in delivering discreet or high profile close protection to our clients and are comfortable operating in the high-end corporate environment or remote areas. We can provide a bespoke, end-to-end service, facilitating the management of a complete task or deliver specific capability within an established plan, depending upon your needs.
  • Security Capability Training and Testing – expert delivery of the complete design, training and testing lifecycle whereby we evaluate your needs within the context of your operational directive and policy. We will assess your security capability through practical exercise in order to identify potential gaps and design cost effective measures to mitigate vulnerabilities before conducting measurable penetration testing.
  • Security Audit and Vulnerability Study – we can assess your current security capability within the context of a comprehensive threat assessment; including ‘red team’ analysis whereby we conduct hostile reconnaissance activity to identify vulnerabilities. Our analysis will be supported by relevant and empirical data to help you understand the effectiveness of your extant measures.
  • Physical security protection and detection – we can support all your technical and physical security needs; including closed circuit television (CCTV), access control, perimeter barriers and manned guarding requirements. DCL will conduct a comprehensive site survey to design a cost effective system aligned to your corporate image and risk profile.